Finding My Passion by Angeli Donatone

Looking back, I should have paid more attention to the career profile I filled out in High School. I laughed at the results that said I should work for the Forest Service; I wanted to be a teacher. Almost 30 years later, I have learned that the recommendation wasn’t too far off. It obviously took … Continue reading Finding My Passion by Angeli Donatone


Saying “goodbye”

Change the way you perceive goodbyes and they will get better. I think that we can all agree that saying goodbye is hard to do. Yet is seems that saying goodbye as a young human of this world (i'm talking 9 months-Kindergarten age range... sometimes a little younger and sometimes a little older) tends to be much harder than … Continue reading Saying “goodbye”

Why there is nothing in your child’s folder…

Why there is nothing in your child's folder... They work day ends and here you are picking up your darling little child from a great day at preschool. You look at the bulletin board for any news and then check their personal folder for that days art project. Nothing there. No apple picture with a small worm sticking … Continue reading Why there is nothing in your child’s folder…


We shall call this day... "October-feast" Welcome to our Chili Feed and Scarecrow Building Family Night! Can we just say "wow" for a moment? What a spectacular time we had at our monthly family night! Who knew that chili and scarecrow building could be such an incredible way to bring families together and have so much fun! While I … Continue reading October-feast