Our Blog: 

Here at the Debbie Leraas Children’s Center we are so blessed to witness and be apart of daily life with children. But not just any children, YOUR incredibly smart, funny, silly, creative little souls. This blog is designed to bring you inside of the Center and give you a quick glimpse into your child’s day while you are away. But thats not all, we not only want to bring you inside of the classroom but inside the heads and hearts of all of the teachers who get to be apart of some amazing moments. Let this blog offer you comic relief in the daily happenings of your littles, insight to their loving, caring and altogether incredible teachers, and allow you to see what WE are ALL about here at the Children’s Center. I invite you to take a moments break of your bustling life to find a moment of peace and maybe a few laughs here. Welcome.



A little more about The Debbie Leraas Children’s Center:

Christian education

We know that God is the foundation of our lives, our goal as a Christian Preschool is to foster spiritual growth and share in Gods love through an engaging chapel program that will allow all children to grow in their love and relationship with God. We want to help lay the foundation for a life- long relationship with Christ and demonstrate and nurture their understanding of joy and thankfulness, caring for others, prayerfulness and allow them to see God’s beauty and workings throughout their day.

Play based learning

Our philosophy is that children learn best through play. We have highly educated and experienced staff who use research-based practices to facilitate all types of play inside and outside of the classroom to best allow the most enriched and effective learning experiences. In the midst of play, children learn an abundance of social and cognitive skills that allow them to understand the world around them. Play based learning not only helps children learn how to positively interact and cooperate with others but it fosters creativity, uniqueness, helps recognize talents, teaches kind behavior, allows for problem solving and validation of appropriate expression of feeling, as well as the development of executive function skills, which are critical to a child’s school success. Play is the foundation that allows all other learning to take place.

Highlight: adding to our curriculum, our preschool and pre-k classes will be starting to learn Spanish on a weekly basis with a special guest starting this fall!

Outdoor play

Here at the Children’s Center outdoor exploration and play is a vital component in our curriculum. Being able to play and explore outdoors in the fresh air is essential to every child’s health and development. Our playground has recently been redesigned to encompass the beauty of nature and allow for the kids to explore their natural world just steps outside the classroom door. As they enter the steps of their outdoor sanctuary they have freedom to explore a variety of areas that highlight all that mother nature has to offer them. We have created an interactive water feature, a large sandpit completely surrounded in rustic wooden tree stumps, a climbing tree, trails through a fortress of greenery and native plants, a play structure, and the newest addition being a beautiful brick pathway within the grassy play area. Our sensory-rich, vibrant setting was designed to encourage and allow a natural connection with nature for each individual child to play, learn and explore.

We are creating  a “buzz”

The Children’s Center has done a great job creating a strong family community and building our classrooms with vibrant and amazing children based on word of mouth. While we are extremely proud of this, we want to open the doors and allow the rest of the world to see what an incredible establishment we have built. We are exited to announce that we will be building a stronger ONLINE SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE! We now are using Yelp and Google review accounts to help establish online reviews as well as a feedback center for parents and community members alike, we now have a Facebook page (please like our page so you can follow whats happening!), THIS Blog and….a soon to be an UPDATED Website! As many of you may know… human interactions are the most valuable connections possible. Nowadays those interactions have been brought into the spotlight of social media more and more. We would like to make our program more interactive and accessible through these streams of media for you.

We believe by having a Facebook account that we can interact with parents about the exciting activities going on inside and outside of the classroom, notify them about family and community events that we have coming up, and allow them quick and easy access to teachers and staff. Our Yelp and Google review accounts will be an amazing way, that YOU, our community and families can learn about our program as well as write a review about the experience that you have had with us! Also, in the theme of accessibility and sharing we will be updating our website (which is really exiting!) to allow more information and user-friendliness to our parents and community. Lastly, as you have discovered, our Children’s Center Blog is here so that you can follow us with the day-to-day fun and learning going on here with our kids and teachers!