Hello, is anyone there??


Here I am… it has just been awhile.

I can hear my rusty fingers squeak as I type… it has been a little while since our last blog post here. As I oil up my fingers and get back into the groove I am sorry to those who have eagerly been waiting. I promise we haven’t been away for lack of there wasn’t anything going on but rather quite the opposite. We have been having some crazy fun here at the C.C and as any parent can agree… sometimes the best moments are the ones that aren’t captured. Why? Because each moment has the opportunity to be even better when you are truly present. Take that sentence as foreshadowing to our next blog post. That I promise (for real) is coming up next week.

But I figure the best way to make up for lost time should be a little recap of all the things that we did capture of all of our winter fun because all the crafts and pictures that got to be taken home surely need some proof to back them up.

So here is what you missed on the last episode of the C.C-



We had a very busy holiday season, in all classrooms. The Sunbeams took on the spirit of Christmas in a way like no other. Almost everyday was a bustling day in Santa’s workshop, toys being created and prepared to be flown all over the world on Santa’s Sleigh come midnight on December 24th. But like all good elves do… they took a break to have a little bit of fun as well.

Our Sprouts Class, full of creativity as always has spent their times mastering many trades. Solvent mixers are in high demand and these kiddos do not spare in the experimental department one bit. They keep their projects top secret… When asked what they are doing exactly “Experiments, because it is science” was the response. Our next Isaac Newton? Probably.


In the Bluejay classroom, they spent time making “Snowman snot” and working with some Christmas themed manipulative pieces. But the favorite was learning all about hibernation… they had the cutest little bear cave they created so that they too could hibernate all winter long.


We even had a very special visit from some professional Christmas Carolers… I wish that I could upload the video (darn blog and their free version restraints!) because that video is quite precious!


The Pre-K classes got to go to the nutcracker ballet before Christmas time, which was “AWESOME!” as I was told and busily worked on plenty of Christmas-y type experiments.


img_6146The Red Robin Class has been engaged in many fun projects. Between the numerous experiments, becoming authors of their own “brown bear” type book and learning how to read the book to their classmates, to puppet shows, and so much more their classroom has been filled with learning and laughter!

“During circle time we tested which ingredient would melt the ice the fastest… they made predictions and set it aside as time went by and they noticed that the salt was melting the ice so I had them melt a giant block filled with small arctic animals” “Then at some point they added liquid water colors so then they were melting the ice with the salt while coloring it. That was all them.” -Ms. Arielle

And what is winter without a little snow…cone.



^Proud Puzzler ^

But with winter on its way out, we had to do explore and see if we saw any signs of spring. So off they went. Observations were made as to whether or not all of the plants would be leafless and frosted over with the snowy weather we have recently witnessed but much to their surprise…. spring is on its way.


“SPRING….Come out, come out wherever you are”


Our school age friends have been having quite a blast as well, they have been having dance parties like no ones business (I can hear it upstairs in the office even!). It is safe to say that were has been plenty of money-ing around 🙂



And while we all love winter, we love LOVE even more. Here is a quick glimpse of some of the fun we have had surrounding Valentines Day! We explored mixing of colors with friendship painting, we made cards, cookies, played so many games, had dance parties, and “filled up our buckets” (you can ask them if they remember what that means from chapel) to the brim with love.

Hint: everyone always has an imaginary silver bucket over their head and as we learned at chapel… the buckets fill up when good things happen to us, when friends are kind, and when we are happy. Even Mom’s and Dad’s have a bucket.

Cookies, colored shaving cream pictures & Valentines Day card making!




So if all of these adorable pictures didn’t speak to you enough in apologies for the absence of your Children’s Center Blogger… all I can do is tell you that in my absence that I have been working on a few things that I hope that you really enjoy. The big one is our new Children’s Center website (FINALLY) that will be up any day now! Yippie!! Finally you can get the information that you need… at home!

We love you all and hope you have enjoyed catching up on a bit of the fun we have been having an cannot wait to share more again soon!


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