The Hidden Gem of the Children’s Center


So what happens when you love the Children’s Center so much but get too old for preschool and Pre-K? You go off to elementary school! While being a big kid is full of so much excitement and power (because you are all grown up and “big”)… did you know that you don’t have to leave the Children’s Center forever?!  We provide before and after school care for our elementary school friends!

Each morning our teachers wake up bright and early to have our school age friends come to The Children’s Center and play before school. Considering that everyone is waking up, usually the games are a little bit more low key (except when stuffed animal football is happening). They play, do art, puzzles, and get to relax or finish up homework before we drop them off at school. But it doesn’t end there… THEY COME BACK! There is no better way to end the school day than to get to come back to the C.C. to play with all of your friends and get all your sillies out (not sure if sillies is a real word.. but these kids are full of silly. I LOVE IT). Our school-age program is designed to meet everyone’s needs, kids and parents alike (parents I am talking to you directly you when I talk about homework, because I know it isn’t your child’s favorite). While we provide a structured homework time with tutoring help from our teachers, the goal is that the afternoon is mostly spent playing, creating, and getting a chance to have fun and BE KIDS!

Unfortunately, our schools are so packed full of material for the kids to learn that they aren’t having a chance to play and exercise their brains and bodies to learn at maximum capacity. But don’t you worry, that is why we are here! (That and to provide childcare for our hard working parents)

Hey kids,

Do you like to create science experiments and things that explode? We love exploding projects (and other kinds of science projects too).

Do you like doing crafty art projects? We do a lot of them!

Do you like going on awesome adventures when we have a non-school day? Hop on our bus and buckle up for some fantastic outings!

Do you enjoy playing outside but think that recess is too short at school? Us too!


This blog post is designed to highlight our after school program and show our parents (especially our preschool parents who might not know too much about this program) just what a gem our after school care teachers are and what a fun environment that the staff creates on a daily basis for these kiddos.

Now if I were you I would be thinking … “sounds too good to be true, prove it.”

No problem. Take a look.


If that doesn’t say excited I don’t know what will….

But I can show you a little bit of the fun and creativity that goes on if you still aren’t convinced.

For the artistically inclined-

Candy art

Splatter paint

We also play games, some that are created naturally through imagination and free play, and some that are planned and ALWAYS fun. And some delicious…

Who doesn’t love to try and chase a donut on a string with your mouth??

Shadow experiments

Balloon Baseball

Oh and there is so much more…

The school age program  loves to involve themselves in community service projects. The most recent one was to help out kids in our area that are less fortunate. Today we are wrapping up our Giving Tree project to donate toys, gifts to kids in the Edmonds area that are not as fortunate this holiday season as we are. Two trees worth… there is no such thing as too much giving!


We have incredible teachers who have a passion for providing love and caring and an environment that is safe,  rich in play, learning and development. Feel free to come into one of our two after school care rooms one of these days and check out all the fun they are having (once their homework is finished of course, Mom and Dad)!

Part two coming soon: MEET THE SCHOOL-AGERS. We have some hilariously funny answers in an “interview” about who these kiddos are and how much fun the have! Stay tuned!


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