We shall call this day…


Welcome to our Chili Feed and Scarecrow Building Family Night!


Can we just say “wow” for a moment? What a spectacular time we had at our monthly family night! Who knew that chili and scarecrow building could be such an incredible way to bring families together and have so much fun! While I will fully admit that my opinion is slightly bias, that night was amazing.

For those of you who couldn’t attend our family night, I will now bring to life the event as it unfolded. It was beautiful.

As the rain poured down and the soil in the pea-patch softened to allow for the most creative scarecrows to join their home, inside EUMC ‘s Kennedy Hall the staff began to set up for the event of a lifetime. Fearful that the rain would persuade families not to join the night’s festivities, staff eagerly waited for the first visitors to arrive… 5:30 Nobody. 5:33 Nobody. Sadness consumed the staff until…5:34 when the first families finally arrived. After that, more people began to flood in and joy was brought to the teachers who had been longing for their arrival. Quickly,  the room was filled with happy children as they worked away with their families on creating the perfect display to enter into the Edmonds Scarecrow Contest.

The room slowly filled with the enticing aroma of home-made chili that had been simmering for hours to obtain just the right flavor. The Children’s Center families gathered around with burlap sacks, twine and old clothes to stitch together their perfect scarecrows. As the children became more involved with the pile of straw in the middle of the room than the actual scarecrows themselves, the loving parents re-doubled their efforts on building and stuffing, and creating the bodies of the scarecrows-to-be. Straw was flying and engulfing the room with its irresistible farm-like scent, and despite the many distractions, the scarecrows quickly were coming to life.

After the flurry of activity, the parents, famished, joined their sweet children at the dinner table for a completely home-made dinner and dessert. As each individual family came together to join as one, many laughed and told stories, there was rumor of business exchanges, play-date scheduling, and lots of children playing together as if school had never ended that day.

With full and satisfied tummies, our families got to work, finishing each scarecrow and adding the finishing touches. Suddenly , we had 15 new guests: an alien, a Hawaiian tourist, a beach- goer, a ghost, a few babies, some business-men, a baseball player, a football quarterback, and a few other unfamiliar yet perfectly created faces. Talk about a packed house. It was amazing. As freshly made pumpkin pie was being served to the all deserving architects of these amazing new guests, the night ended as it begun. Straw covering the floor, friends and families coming together, and so much excitement.

The straw was swept off the floor and the scarecrows rested, waiting for the time when they would be proudly displayed in the pea-patch garden the following morning.

The sun went down, the moon came up. Then, as the next day rose.. our scarecrows were awaking in their pea-patch home just waiting for people to pass by and waive. And vote for them in the Edmonds scarecrow contest. VOTING LINK IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE!

The picture play-by-play:

0. The setup

1. Separating a bale of hay in the most humane way possible.


2. Building the most creative scarecrows on the face of this planet.


3. Home-made Chili, cornbread, fry bread, pumpkin pie, rice krispy treats, and topped off with some cider. Each item hand crafted by our amazing chef, Lacey (well, we did have some help with the cider… thanks to Trader-Joes).

I am full just typing that all.




4. More scarecrow building fun!




5. The sad goodbyes and the happy scarecrows.


Thank you for such a memorable night!


Your Children’s Center Staff





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