Personally, as a individual who cannot wait until the day I own my own small homestead, when I hear the word “farm” I think of serene pastures, larger than life sunflowers, grape vines draping across the arbor near my front porch, a large (and adorably decorated to look like a small barn) chicken coop, two goats, a piglet, and a small cow. It will be truly perfect!

Reality check. Fairbank Family Farm has my dream farm beat by about a 50 animals and a pasture full of sugar pumpkins, instead.

As a teacher, it is so important to be able to create an environment of wonder, curiosity, and discovery on a daily basis. There are so many ways that this can be done inside the classroom, but when  you encourage exploration and discovery outdoors, you can make an even larger impact on the life of a preschooler.


“It is my goal to take what we are learning about in class and bring it to life. When an experience is meaningful to a child it becomes a special memory and learning takes on a whole new meaning.” -Ms. Tresa


The farm life may not be for everyone, but on Wednesday this week our Sprouts class set off on an adventure to the Fairbanks Family Farm, and they all agreed that they loved it there!

Let me take you on the adventure with us…

9:22  “10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-Blastoff!!” The Bus ride was extremely exciting, to say the least. We sang Old MacDonald Had a Farm, we conversed about what we might see on our adventure, we yelled at the top of our lungs all of the awesome Halloween costumes we were planing on wearing come October 31st, we pretended there where ghosts outside (and inside) the bus, and then before we knew it… we had arrived!


9:56 – Checked in, took an adorable class photo, and talked with some very chatty geese while waiting for our farm guide.img_4645

“Quack, Quack!”

9:57 – Our farm guide started off our tour by letting all of us “oooh and awwhh” at the newborn baby kittens that were frolicking in the kitty play pen which was quite a treat to start off our morning.


9:59 – Our first stop on the farm train was… the goats! Watch out: Blue Bell likes to escape. We got to meet many new little pygmy friends. We even learned that baby goats like to eat teachers’ boots as a mid-morning snack.


10:09 – Shake, shake, shake… shake your gourd!! We learned all about what a gourd is and what happens when you dry them out… Maracas!

10:11 – We got a sneak peak into the vegetable garden. We learned about sunflowers and got to make some guesses as to what might be the large green vegetable growing near the fence.img_4690

We made several guesses…

Racking their brains, the tour guide finally gave our preschool friends a little nudge in the right direction:“I’ll give you a hint, it starts with a ‘ZZZ’ sound”


Obviously, this was the correct answer..

Hint: The correct answer was actually Zucchini.

10:13 – The Ducks, watch out for those little buggers! One kept trying to poke his face through the fence… caught red-beaked.

10:15 – Next bird on the list was a little more colorful and we had a lot of fun learning all about them, thanks to our very knowledgeable guide. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, our friends even found some eggs hiding. Thank you Mr. Peacock for showing off your feathers!


10:18 – Drum roll please…. the piglets! Ms. Tresa had been anxiously waiting for the moment that we got to meet these little mud covered gems. It was quite a fun treat that we we able to feed them apple pieces through the fence, too! These little animals were most certainly a hit. But they also hit our noses with a slightly pungent smell. As pictured.


img_470610:23 – At this point of the tour, came the moment that all of us got to meet the bird that you are, most likely, planning to put on the table come November alongside some mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy….

TOM!… The Turkey. Sorry, Tom.

img_471410:25 – What is sweeter than a field full of tiny sugar pumpkins? Nothing. A perfect souvenir to remember our adventure.



10:29 –Meet Bessy. I’ll admit, I’m sure that probably was not her actually name but if it wasn’t, it should have been. There was also a horse next door to Bessy but she was camera shy.


10:32 –BABY PIGLETS! 2 weeks old, so sweet.


and some that were 2 days old…


10:36 –And lastly, the garden!



10:45 – Thanks Fairbank’s Farm, for an exciting tour! Back to the Children’s Center we went!

We had such a fun trip to the farm! While going to the farm is an exciting adventure, being able to pet the goats and meet the piglets, there is so much more that is learned while embarking on an experience like this. Our tour guide was very nice and enthusiastic to show us around, she truly took the time to teach us about each animal, plant, and part of the farm and explaining its function, helping us make a deeper connection to the world we live in.

Oh and in case you were curious, my favorite part was the exclamation that a zucchini was indeed a “zoo animal”. Thank you for asking.

Until next time, readers! Farm on.






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