“Edible Education”

applesHere at the Children’s Center, the Blue Jay class is famously known for their Tasty Tuesday treats! Tasty Tuesday is a day devoted to teaching our Pre-K students to explore cooking and baking! It is undeniable how much fun it is to watch each student learn and grow as a miniature chef each week! Every Tuesday they get to expirience all that goes into making even most simple recipes. Measuring, pouring, cracking eggs, stirring, kneading, you name it; they are trying it out first hand. This year Ms. Angeli is taking “Tasty Tuesday” to a whole new level with a little bit more of a farm-to-table approach. Because nature is the best provider of nourishment for our bodies, this year we are exploring the various ways that we can use wholesome, natural ingredients to make  make healthy and tasty treats!



With fall officially underway, there is no better way to celebrate than with some of our favorite fall foods. Where better to start than with APPLES!? Expanding on the literature that the Blue Jay class has been reading at circle time the last two weeks, today they got the chance to observe, investigate, and taste a variety of apples. How fun right? Wait it gets better!

I am sure as parents you have made applesauce, apple pie, apple crisp but have you tried to make apple chips?! Our Blue Jay class took on that challenge today! Once they had decided on their favorite types of apples, they all went into the dehydrator with a dash of cinnamon !


Lets just say that the Cinnamon was a crowd pleaser!


What happens when you cut open an apple through its core?

“It makes a flower window!” – Avery


What do you know about a golden delicious?

“Its a treasure apple!” -Matty

*everyone giddy with smiles on their faces and beyond eager to cut it open*


Learning, reading, observing, tasting, cooking, baking, dehydrating, and ENJOYING!


That’s a wrap for another successful Tasty Tuesday! Stay tuned for the next tasty treat coming up next week!


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