An Adventure of a Lifetime

Well everyone, all of the wit and humor is out the door for this post. It has happened and there is no stopping them. Putting over 2,000 miles on the odometer, and over 20,000 miles through the clouds, our beloved Ms.Tamenech has officially set off for her THREE MONTH VACATION! Tamenech and her fiancé are off on an adventure of a life time!

img_4548“Bon Voyage”

Their journey begins with spending 3 weeks in California for a work trip for her fiancé, Cameron, and enjoying some small adventures and visiting friends along the way before traveling back to Seattle for takeoff. Then…off to Thailand they go! Ms. Tamenech and Cameron will spend the following months of their trip in Thailand and Bali, exploring the world. We have been assured that they will seek out a way to ride elephants and spend a full day among the sacred monkeys for the celebration at the Monkey Buffet Festival 2016 (Google it.. I promise it doesn’t mean she is eating monkeys, the buffet is FOR the monkeys. They are sacred). She has also assured us that she will send photos and stories throughout her journey so that we can update everyone regarding their incredible adventure!


We know that you, along with all of us here, wish them well! Bon Voyage, Cameron & Tamenech!




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