Dear Parents,

I firmly believe that there are many things that we may have in common… we all have kids, we all love our children, we all are perfect parents, and we all indulge in frozen yogurt twice the size of our kid’s bowl when we go to “Revelations” in Downtown Edmonds. I am glad we got that all out in the open.

Since we are all perfect here,there is no need for advice or suggestions nor telling you anything that you don’t already know. But incase you are wondering about all of the other parents in the world that are still working to get their gold star of perfection like us… we have compiled a list of some fun back to school tips and tricks from our lovely teachers and staff members to successfully get through the school year. You may find that there are some things on this list you would like to add to your repertoire of perfection or just read for a good giggle.


TOP 10 Back to school Tips:

  1. Allow yourself some extra time in the morning during the first few months of school. The snooze button will no longer be your best friend like he was all summer because if you allow him into your life again, you will end up rushing out the door without your freshly brewed cup of coffee and we all know the headache that can come from that (literally and figuratively).
  2. Create a “Launch Pad” each night where you put everything that you need for the following morning so that each morning when you “blast off” your are traveling forwards and not backwards
  3. If your child is having a difficult time adjusting to his/her new class or school try arranging some play dates outside of school. It’s always easier going to school when you have a special friend to play with!
  4. Day 5 and you already forgot to pack a lunch? forgot your preschool nap bag? read about the field trip after it happened? sent your child to school in pj’s? We have ALL been there… there is no judgement from us here at the Children’s Center. We always have loners of everything to prepare for that very occasion. Breathe and be thankful it wasn’t you in your pjs 🙂
  5. Lunch tip! Sticks make everything better. Clarification: Food on a stick makes everything better. Fruit kabobs, broccoli and cherry tomato kabobs, cheese and veggie kabobs, when its on a stick it always tastes so much better!!
  6. The only shoes you need from September through May are rain boots! That may have been some exaggeration there but with our lovely PNW weather, truly nothing else is needed at least September through November.
  7. Lunch Tip #2. Frozen Juice Boxes make great “ice packs” for your child’s lunch!
  8. Document, document, document! Your kids grow up so fast and it is always nice to have pictures, drawings, and funny quotes of memories to look back on. Even the pictures of your child candidly picking their nose will hold some value to you one day. As they reach their teen years they may appreciate them slightly less which I guarantee will make you appreciate them so much more.
  9. The word “no” is okay to say even though sometimes it ensues a tantrum of yelling, crying, kicking, and screaming… they still love you, just not your word choice.
  10. Buy only quality fabric softener so that your cute Victoria secret underwear doesn’t cling to your child’s nap bag and blankets. Just saying 😉


Parents, remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. All of these memories and moments of this time in life are beautiful, try not to look at them through a shattered mirror. Choose the mirror that they use at the fun houses that make everything look oddly proportioned and hilarious.

Have any tips of your own to add? Comment them below!







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