Here at the Children’s Center we believe that family comes first, always, and relationships are at the heart of what we do! We want nothing more than for you to know that we always have your family’s best interest at heart. We are your teachers, your friends, your advocates, and your biggest supporters.

WELCOME to our Family. We cannot express to you all enough how exited we are to begin this school year. We would like to welcome back to our returning Preschool, Pre-K, and Before/After School Care families. We want to extend a new and warm welcome to all of our new faces- we are so blessed that you are here. And to all of the families in our community that are interested in joining our Children’s Center Family in the near future we welcome you to come and see what we are all about, please do not hesitate to contact our Director (left front) Heather Peterson-Bruno at or call us at 425.774.4458.



“The moment I walked through the door, this place grabbed hold of my heart. The truth hit me in one sudden moment, that this was the place I was going to embark on a journey unlike any other. But what I hadn’t known then was that here, I was going to learn more than I taught, that I was going to play more than I thought-I was truly going to play with a heart of a child and I was going to experience life in a way that many adults had left behind. It is HERE that I have found a family that can match my silly, that has encouraged my faith and continues to challenge me to be a better person and mother each and every day. I knew from the first day, that I was WELCOME HERE and from that moment on, I have watched the staff show to each parent, each coworker, and each community member, that WE ARE ALL WELCOME HERE.”


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